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Why Take This Course?



Kaz Johnson has written, delivered and sold online courses and qualifications for over 10 years.  You will also get to 'peek' inside one of her courses from the backend too to see how it all works.



Kaz not only tells you what you need to do in which order, but she show's you how to do it too!  It's like sitting behind her whilst she shares the steps you need to do.


You are literally held by the hand and shown how to choose your domain name, set up your online course website, how to create a course, lessons and topics, and the tools you will be using, videos, pictures, audio, taking payments, automating the whole process and finally how to market your courses.


Help is just a click away with your very online support desk where you see all the FAQ's or raise a support ticket.  The great thing about your own dedicated support desk is that you can track your query.


What you will cover..

8 Weekly Classes that will show you how to get your online training business up and running

Week 1

Getting Started

Planning your course and your website, from choosing your name, to writing out your marketing plan.

Week 2

Setting up your website

This week you will create your website ready for your online courses.

Week 3

Setting up a course

Now you will install a learning management system (LMS) and create the outline of your course.

Week 4

Adding video

This week you will learn the about the tools you will need and  create your first lesson's video

Week 5

Adding images

Learn where to get paid for and free images that you can use on your course and in your lessons.  You will also learn how to create your own images, even if you are not creative with some free software.

Week 6

Adding Audio

Now it's time to add some audio to your lessons.  Learn what tools you need and how to use them.  Plus learn how to put a scrolling transcription box on your lessons too!

Week 7

Taking payments 

Finally, your course is now ready for your learners,  so this week you will learn how to set up your payment system so that your learners can enrol themselves onto your course automatically with no leg work on your behalf!

Week 8

Selling your course

Last but not least, you are ready to launch your course and let the work know of it's existence. This week you will learn how to market your course.

About the Teacher

Karen (Kaz) Johnson is a qualified teacher and marketer who has set up and run 3 accredited training centres over the past 3 decades.  For the last 10 years, Kaz has delivered training and assessing qualifications purely online.

Kaz is the founder and CEO of The Assessor Academy, and the Kaz Academy, membership sites and online courses that helps people plan, build and grow their online businesses.

Passionate about teaching, Kaz loves to share her knowledge using all three learning styles, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.  By using all three learning styles, the learner quickly absorbs the knowledge and can apply it to their situation.  

Quality education that is accessible to everyone”

Kaz Johnson

Karen Johnson

The Trainer School

This is an 8 week course.  

Webinars will be recorded and will be available the whole time the learner is enrolled on the course.  Learners have lifetime access to the course, so you can repeat them as many times as you wish

With webinars,  worksheets, PDF summaries, checklists, homework,  and audio files the lessons are engaging and interactive.

Need help?

Learners have their own dedicated help desk should you need further help and support


Is This Course Right For You?

This course is not for everybody...

Who is this for

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    People who wish to get paid a passive income from the knowledge they have
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    Teachers, trainers, and assessors,  who want to create online courses and deliver qualifications
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    Coaches or people who want to create online courses.
  • check-circle-o
    Successful entrepreneurs who want to grow their audience and revenue online

Who is this not for

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    For people who do not want to deliver online courses and prefer to deliver their courses in the classroom
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    People who are work shy... Yes this is a passive income, but you have to set up the systems in the first place
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    Who do not like working online and do not like learning new technologies
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    People who are not willing to invest time and money into technologies that will save them time by automating their systems.
Get your online training business up and running in just 8 weeks.

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