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Hello and welcome to session 78 This week I am talking to you about about Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business

I love books, and read daily.  I like books specifically that helps me grow.  So today I am going to review the book called ‘Company of One’: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business by Paul Jarv.

This book especially resonated with me because just a few years ago I was running an online accredited training business, but due to ill health, had to disband the team and work by myself so that I could focus on my number one thing, which is my health.  Fast forward a few years later, I still do not have a team as I looked at making my life as stress-free as possible as I found that running a team became a job.  I was an educator and wanted to focus on just that.

I also wanted to focus on making a lifestyle business and making sure that I could automate as much of my business as possible.  So now I am a company of one and foucs on what is the most important things in my life and not just running a company.

I was interested in what Paul Jarv had to say about growing a business.

Jarvis makes a compelling case for making your business better instead of bigger. A must-read for any entrepreneur who prioritizes a rich life over riches.”


I remember how my dad set up a million pound business in the 60’s it kept growing, unfortunately the stress killed him when he was having to look at keeping not only his customers happy but to look after his employees and make sure that all the payroll was fulfilled and all the problems that come from running a business.

After a few years, he had a stroke, was diabetic and ended up passing away at just 54 from pneumonia.  I also remember when he had a small shop and was selling and mending electrical things like hoovers and TV’s, no employees and no stress.  I had a great childhood as my dad was full of adventures, but that all came to an end when he became really ill and finally passing away.

I think we are led to believe that we must keep growing.  Better, bigger more… however, these last few years I have been downsizing and leading a more simple life and one of my visions was to have a small business that was as enjoyable as possible and as stress-free as possible, and so my team went.  I am no longer a leader but work with other freelancers so that I no longer have to train them up nor keep chasing them.  I am happy staying small so that I can spend more time with my family, my mum is now 91 at the time of writing this, and my children and grandchildren are not close by, so I can see these guys any time I want to.

Of course, I need to make enough money not only to survive but to thrive too! So I have streamlined my business as tightly as I can so most of it works on autopilot as possible.

So, who is this book for? Many people actually, from people who want to start an online business, or people who want to make their business better, not necessarily bigger, which in turn lowers stress and gives a feeling of fulfillment.  They want a lifestyle business instead of a corporate business with endless meetings, expansion plans, and targets that need to be met in order for you to pay your employees.

I found that this book really resonates with where I am at currently with my life, especially after suffering from really bad health,  I just wanted to be able to have a richer more sustainable business without the stress and to be able to serve my customers in a better way and that I reached my desired revenue and keeping clients happy at the same time, most of it on my own with the help of dedicated freelancers and a system that was, for the most if it ran on automation.

It’s ok not to want to keep growing your business, we are led to believe that this is what we should want to do… and that is why staying small is the next big thing for business.  You can get the book Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business by Paul Jarv. Here.What are your thoughts about staying small?

That’s it for this week and I will speak to you next week.  Have a good one!

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