Why you should be selling digital products

Session 126 – Why you should be selling digital products

Why you should be selling digital products

You are listening to the Success Club Podcast. Hello and welcome to session 126 This week I am talking to you about Why you should be Selling Digital Products

Hello and welcome to the Success Club Podcast, my name is Kaz Johnson and I am your host today, this is episode 126 and today I am talking about Why you should be Selling Digital Products

I first started my online business in 2003 when I got divorced. I had to sell my bricks and mortar training business due to the divorce settlement and I had to start from where I was, which what I had. So working from home with one PC, and an internet connection, I set up my first course online, which then was a teaching qualification. Since then I have never looked back.

I still teach online, with courses and a membership program, this model of working has enabled me to spend less time working and the flexibility to work anywhere that has an internet connection which in turn, has enabled me the freedom to work wherever I choose, so I get to spend more time with my ever-growing family that is spread across the South and South West of the UK.

I learned that by creating a digital product, that I get paid, paid, and paid again for doing the work just once.

Much of the work has been automated, which means, when someone purchases my course or enrolls onto my membership program, they automatically get enrolled and have access to their product immediately, unless they are purchasing a course that has not yet started, then I get paid automatically as well.

It also means that I can deliver my courses to as many people as possible with no barriers to learning. And for you, this means that you can make more money and it’s a great way to earn a passive income too!

The other thing is that is so much more achievable now than it was when I first started out, I then used MOODLE, which stands for “Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment” which is an online educational platform that provides custom learning environments for students. Educators can use Moodle to create lessons, manage courses, and interact with teachers and students, for my learning management system, which was a steep learning curve and very clunky for the learner, I now use Learndash, which is so much easier for the teacher and much nicer for the learner.

I no longer have expensive overheads that I had before when I run my bricks and mortar business, for example, business rates, electricity, gas, as well as all the maintenance and all the equipment I needed. I was running an IT training centre and needed PC’s, printers, software and refreshments for the learners as well.

Now when you sell a digital product you are void of all these expenses, I just need a laptop, the internet, a hosting company and the software (just one copy and not 20!) and with the fantastic software that is around today, it means you can literally set up your business within a day, instead of weeks, or even months if you have a brick and mortar business.

As a teacher, I just love the way I can be really creative and sell not only course as I once did, but I can also turn any course into other things too, like a course or add it to my membership program the helps people to plan, build and grow a successful online business. I can sell my book on Amazon, all I need to do is to write the book, which is easier than you think, then upload it to Amazon Create Space, they will then market it for me and deal with all the customer service issues, print the book and send it out to the customer.

This book can also be sold on your website as a PDF and using software like Woocommerce, which is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress, the digital book will automatically be delivered to the customer once they pay for it. All automated, easy to do, you just need to do the work once and then get paid, paid and paid again.

There is a huge range of possibilities that you can use to create a digital product, but you just need to focus on what you already know that people will pay for, the set up a system for you to be able to sell it and get it delivered and take payment automatically.

So, what do you know, that people will pay for? Do a brainstorm, create a little E-book, then set up your system and create your first passive income stream.

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Name Julie Moore

Email  julie.stride@yahoo.co.uk

Business Name  Julie‘s Avon

Website or blog address Prp.uk.avon.com/juliesteam2018

Julie is a successful Leader of a team in Avon cosmetics who is always looking to help show others how they too can make a successful business from it too. Flexible around anyone’s busy lifestyle. The company that allows women to succeed and achieve their goals in life. After many years as a representative, she was spotted by the area manager for her great sales and asked if she wished to grow her own team. So up for the challenge and wanting something to get her teeth into after many years of working for herself she started recruiting. In her first year, she hit 20th in the country for team growth and retainment as a new coordinator… through hard work she no we have a large team of both men and women from all over the country who together she supports and guides to show how they too can be successful. Before Christmas last year just 2 years into her Sales Leaders position she hit Leader level a position she intends to continue to grow from. She has been awarded numerous certificates of recognition for her constant work and commitment to her team members. An inspirational woman determined to succeed.

Avon is a fabulous company that offers free training and support just like she does personally. One Big Family  Avon, Natura is now part of the biggest Beauty Business in the country and boasting their Global success for Clean Beauty, affordable products and being the first company to stop testing on animals…by not spending money on celebrities advertising they can produce an amazing product at amazingly low costs… giving back to the customer…And their representatives.. holidays, cars to name but a few of the incentives available. What are you waiting for?, Why not contact her today and start your Avon journey with her too…apply now and she will be in touch and welcome you into the family






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That’s it for this week, so thank you for joining me this week while I talk about Why you should be selling digital products

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