I teach teachers how to teach and have done so for over 8 years, however, do you know that you also need to educate you customers?

If you have have a product or a service, you are missing out on a ton of benefits if you are not educating your customers, not only to stay ahead of the game with your competitors, but also  you need to build trust and form a long term relationship.

Once you have acquired that customers trust and they purchase from you, you need to retain that customer, by showing what value you offer with other products and services that you have.

“It is easier and nearly eight times cheaper to serve and retain current clients/customers than to pursue new ones.” – Ken David

You can educate your customers through:-

How’ to’s and product demonstrations

These can be a downloadable online manual, or a screencast, video or webinar.  The great thing about doing a ‘How to..’ Video, is that you can create it as a course, or you can upload it to YouTube, that will drive customers to your website.

By offering a free course, downloadable or webinar, you can collect customers contact details so that you can target potentials customers that want and need what you have to offer, then start a marketing campaign to charm them and engage them.

“The lessons we remember are the lessons we learn the hard way.” – Seth Godin

Even if you don’t think you are the expert, you probably still know more than your customers and thus are in a good position to educate them

Want to know where to start with teaching to get customers?

1 Consistency

Get serious about this! You simply will not get customers through teaching if you don’t stay consistent.

People will expect you to teach them on an ongoing basis.You will only gain trust with people after several articles. This is something you will need to do on a regular monthly basis.

2 Brainstorm about 20 things your customers are just dying to know.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Burning questions your customers have
  • Behind the scenes look at how you work
  • Best practices of using your product
  • Case studies of successful customers
  • Facts about your products

3 Create An Editorial Calendar

Add a different topic to teach about every week.If it isn’t scheduled it probably won’t get done. I totally understand that you are busy … you have a business to run after all! If you really are serious about dominating your competitors, getting lots of organic traffic, and building a trust worthy brand create some time on your weekly schedule to teach your customers.

Tools like Co-Schedule make it a breeze to create an Editorial calendar, it’s not just a tool for creating blogs, it’s pushes out your content through social media and it does so automatically!There is a free trial you can sign up for too!

4 Make It Easy For You To Execute

Make it easy for you to write and post new teaching lessons. I recommend using WordPress.  I have a free ‘How to set up a blog‘ course for you to get started in under 20 mins.

5 Collect Email Address

The best incentive to keep you writing is to actually see engagement and improvement. The best way to do this is email your customers whenever you have a new post.I suggest starting with Getresponse, these are the guys we use and they also have a free trial too!I also have a great video on Getresponse here.

6 Understand what your customers problems are.

Understand your customers’ problems by using a survey like Survey Monkey, which also has a free account. Call you customers by phone and simply ask them or post that question on Facebook, Linked or Twitter, and then teach them how to resolve them.

7. Be consistent.

Post regularly, whether it is once a day, week or month.  If you can to begin with, set yourself a 30 day blog challenge and post something each day for 30 days!  This gets you in the momentum for posting on a regular basis, as well as getting found in search engines.How do you educate your customers?


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