About Kaz Johnson

My Story

I started my life as an IT teacher in Further Education having taking a lot of IT courses and then my Teaching Qualification that specialised in teaching IT.

When someone asked me to train them at a time to suit them, I agreed and set up my own business.

From those first steps with no knowledge or understanding of working for yourself, I set up my own business and then went and attended a 5 day intensive course about setting up your business.§

My learner then asked me if she could take a qualification, I agreed and put her through another training provider. My learner passed and soon I was taking on other learners and putting them through their qualifactions.

After a while, the training provider no longer enabled me to put my learns through their own centener, so I set up my own training centre…

Several years later I went back to college to learn all about marketing, advertising and PR.


After a divorce where I had to sell my premises, I set up an online training centre and had to learn all about delivering courses and qualifications online.

Going back to college again, I took my coaching and mentoring qualifications to add to my growing repertoire of qualifications in business and management and teaching and assessing.

What Can I Do for You?

With over 40 years knowledge and experience, I can help to plan, build and grow your business

I can help you plan, build and grow your business with training, coaching, and mentoring.

From smaill bite size training to a full on signature course to one one one coaching I have got you covered!

I can help to give you the confidence  to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.

I can help you to unlock a person’s potential to maximise their own performance through training, coaching and mentoring.

Not only do I have the qualifications, but I have over 40 years of tunning a business as well as mentoring other businesses to help them plan, build and grow as well as becoming better leaders in their business!

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